Mission Statement

At EcoAid our goal is to reduce human induced climate change by promoting corporate, governmental and personal social responsibility through sustainability, education, and empowerment.

EcoAid provides two key services:

  1. Consulting: Major retailers, the S.E.C., and the EPA are demanding that organizations report their greenhouse gas emissions. We provide a comprehensive Greenhouse Gas Accounting Package that includes accounting, tracking, analyzing, training and reporting your business or organization’s greenhouse gas emissions.
  2. Offsets: We provide carbon offsets that compensate for the unavoidable part of your carbon footprint. Carbon offsets allow you to support specifically identified clean air projects.
    Reforestation is one of the main sources of carbon offsets. In fact, it is the only  means of offsetting that systematically removes carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. Environmental experts have explained that deforestation is responsible for about 25% of climate change. That is why at EcoAid, we make reforestation a vital part of how we help to reduce emissions, thus providing a cleaner energy economy.

If you would like to learn more, please call us at 480-703-6632