Increased Practice Would Increase The Probability Of Better Scoring

Increased Practice Would Increase The Probability Of Better Scoring

Career dreams are many! Not every sector allows an easy pass. Aspirants in industrial segment receive a wide spectrum of opportunities among which some give a real challenge. At the McKinsey’s, recruits are given the real meaning of industrial management. Thus allowing millions to compete for their chance to join the hands of this giant, The Company accepts young and fresh graduates across the world via a structured employment process. Beginning with PST or also known as problem solving test, the reasoning and thinking ability of the candidates are tested with greater accuracy.

More Practice For More Confidence

Bringing up the confidence is never possible without building the intended knowledge. It’s not about just clearing the PST but touching the line that is much needed for a final assessment on the overall performance of the candidates. The effort that has been put through repeated practice would normally speak the success of the exam taker. In order to kick start mckinsey problem solving test practice enrolling with some of the highly appreciated management trainers, either online or around the city is the best choice. Usually the PST comprises of 26 questions with a time frame of 60 minutes. Though the estimated cut-off score for PST is more than 70%, it’s usually not considered as an easy job to make.

With the 26 questions, two categories of problems are differentiated. The first one is called the ‘word problem’ and the second one is the ‘data interpretation’. Given the text description of an industrial situation and to carefully analyze the possible outcome, ‘word problem’ usually requires a lot of practice over keen reading and an elaborate understanding. It would also require the candidate to derive a mathematical formula from the provided description to solve the given problem.

Comprising of charts and table, ‘data interpretation’ receive a handsome amount of mathematical skill. Through quick and repeated manual calculation during mock tests with thorough time management would yield the intended confidence. Learning shortcuts for mathematical calculations and frequent working on various data interpretation techniques are more important while practicing for PST. Time management, by allotting fixed seconds of time for each question is mandatory, in order to answer all the problems without skipping anything. Problem Solving skill11Even during practice tests, answering the easy part first and saving the tough ones behind would make the candidate hassle-free. Printout forms of downloaded pdf for mock tests are also considered the best way to acquire some real-time experience than the online versions.

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