The Best High Visibility Running Gear Review

The Best High Visibility Running Gear Review

LED Light Reflective Safety Vest and 2 LED Slap-On Wristbands is a high visibility gear used when running, jogging, cycling, walking, or biking in the evenings. It can also be used by people whose jobs require that they be extra cautious. This amazing piece of technology is pretty handy, and has revolutionized safety in exercising and working out. Passing motorists are able to spot you when you have this high visibility running gear on, hence protects you from possible knock down. It is a great way to replace the large bulky reflective jackets that makes people uncomfortable while they go about their workouts or out at night.  

Ultra High Visibility

This orange LED Vest has light transmission fiber optics, and these provide 360-degrees ultra-high visibility for exercising activities that take place at night, dusk or dawn. Together with the two LED wristbands featuring 5 bright LED lights, visibility will be enhanced during users’ night sports, or children using the road at night. Cars and motorbikes will be able to see whoever is wearing this device hence improving their safety in the course of their exercising. 


Lightweight and Comfortable

The product is designed to weigh less for an easier carrying around. Unlike bulky reflective jackets, it is not easy to even realize that you have it on. This makes it ideal and comfortable to have on, especially during your exercising since it won’t weigh you down.

Replaceable Battery

This vest has 4 X CR2032-3V lithium coin battery, while the wristbands have 2 x CR2016-3V lithium coin batteries. The good thing is that these batteries are replaceable, and whenever they get low, you can always put in new ones for a brighter glow and a safer workout. 

Adjustable Unisex Size

It is highly adjustable to suit any size or sex. This LED reflective vest is ingeniously designed to serve both men and women, and need just to be adjusted to fit whoever want to use it.

There are lots of other amazing features that keeps this safety gear at the top. It can be adjusted to 3 different modes of operation with just the touch of a button. You can choose the suitable mode for each moment, to get bright steady light and slow or fast flashing.

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