Air Dryers – What Do They Do?

Air Dryers – What Do They Do?

Air dryers are a common device found in most industrial and commercial instruments. Its purpose is to vaporise any water particles found in compressed air. A question you might have is since when does air or gas have water but what we don’t realise is that water makes up everything and can be found even in gases at a molecular level. When air is compressed, any element within the compressor is concentrated, this means even the slightest mist or vapour of water will become water due to the extreme pressure it is exposed to.

The reason for the use of this device is when compressors are used over a period of time, the prolonged exposure to the water particle can cause problems within the overall machine or facility. In order to avoid any operational damage, these instruments are used to rid any water particles that may form in order to maintain the upkeep of the machine. There are a few varieties of this device, some being refrigerated, deliquescent and desiccant air dryer system. Each device has a separate use and method in which it serves its function.

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One commonly used method is the desiccant air dryer system. The main function of this is to bring the dew point of the compressed air to a level which will not cause the water to condense. Another such method is the membrane method wherein the device will depress any incoming dew point. In the refrigerated process, the air in the compressor is maintained at temperature in which the water particles in the air will not condense.

The usage of these devices is more prominent in the commercial industry and it can be specially so seen in the telecommunication industry. Major telecommunication Companies will make use of such instruments in order to avoid the corrosion and corruption of their cable which run underground or above ground. When exposed to natural elements, any material, especially metals will react. In most cases they will develop moisture which in turn will lead to rotting wires. By using air dryers, they will be able to avoid such reactions as the any water that will be created will be eliminated. The main function of such instruments is to remove any water vapour from the air within compressors and because of that these devices rarely have a non-commercial purpose. However they are used in order to ensure that we are able to go about our day to day activities. Due to that reason, we should know at least the basics of what exactly these devices do and for what they are used for.

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