Case Study of Tile & Grout Pressure Cleaning: Shine, Oh Shine Ye Tiles of St. Peters

Case Study of Tile & Grout Pressure Cleaning: Shine, Oh Shine Ye Tiles of St. Peters

You’ve just rented or bought a house, and like virtually everyone, you can’t wait to get into the new property. Euphoria is high and everything feels good. Not until after you get to the new home will you noticed that the tiles need some cleaning. The previous occupant might have misused the tiles, but no one wants to understand that. You had better clean it or people will give you the name you don’t deserve. This was what one family in St. Peters did. They just bought a new home and the tiles needed some cleaning.

The Client

A Family of five who just purchased a house whose tiles needed professional cleaning

The Challenge

Few weeks ago, a family in St. Peters was moving into their newly purchased home. Before moving in, it was decided that they should give the tiles and grout a thorough clean for their new home to be in the perfect shape possible. Nothing beats a perfect start, you know! So which company can they call to give their new home a treat? Their daughter had a better idea. She recommended Benson Cleaning Services based on the experience her boyfriend’s family once had with us. The father got our contact and an appointment was scheduled for a few days time.

How we helped

Friday morning that week at exactly 8:25 am, we were at the St. Peters home with the family. After the introduction of our team member to the household, we showed them our IICRC certificate. After that, they showed us around the home to identify the areas of concern. We noticed the porcelain tile floor had grout haze issue; some thorough treatment will be needed for sure. Grout haze is the term used in describing tiles having grout residue over them. The residue is often as a result of inappropriate cleaning during the process of tile installation.


For us to thoroughly clean the tiles and grout, our technicians applied an acidic detergent cleaner to the floor. After application, we allowed the product to stay on the tiles for about 15 minutes for it to really do the work. Then, we used a special grout brush to scrub the grout lines, and a mechanical rotary was used to loosen the grout particles which were stuck to the tiles. We also fired high-pressure tile spinner onto the tiles and grout flooring in a spinning motion with our Turbo Hybrid spinning tool. An attached powerful vacuum had all cleaning detergents extracted and all we were left with a genuinely clean and dry floor.

Once all the tiles were cleaned, we mopped all the floors with a neutral floor cleaner to ensure the tiled floor was nice and clean without any streaks – our team was done and like always, they didn’t fail to give the family the WOW effect!

The Result

Our cleaning process was immensely successful. All the unwanted grout and soil was totally removed and our efforts shone through. The tiles had uniform grout lines which were clean and ended having a unique impression about the house.

You can also get in touch with us if you want your tiles and grout floor cleaned like we did to the St. Peters home. Get your own share of our WOW effect by calling Bensons Cleaning on 1300-505-354 or 0412-184-687.

One of our WOMO reviews

“No hesitation in strongly recommending this business for floor cleaning. Scott provided quick and professional service in effectively cleaning indoor floor tiling in my house (large family/kitchen area, bathrooms and hallway). The tiles are a challenge to manual cleaning efforts due to their ‘textured’ surface but Scott’s equipment was perfectly suited to handle the task with no mess. There are many best carpet cleaners in Adelaide Thanks Scott!” – gerardb924

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