Uses of Emotional support animals

We are living the fast moving world, where nobody has time to say “hi & hello” to each other.  We are in such a busy state on the way to our dreams and passion. This social isolation leads you to the depression state where you lose your emotional stability. There are some symptoms like depression, anxiety and stress which makes you down and bring negative thoughts around you. It is better to stay away from such negative ideas to be happy in life.

What is emotional support animal?

When it comes to emotional service cat is most preferred animal. Here this cat act as patients pet. And this pet is part of the treatment process. Generally these types of physicians are licensed therapist. Though there are many animals cat is more preferred animal because of its therapeutic benefits. Animals are designed to help patients in recovering from regular stress, anxiety and depression. Such animals bring comfort to the people and takes away negative thoughts from them. Thus it brings happiness and confidence in their life again. When a person is sensitive or depressed they lack confidence and get detach from regular life. Moreover they become isolated thus it becomes tough for them to run their regular life. So for such people emotional support animal is recommended. This animal brings positivist in their life. These animals are not like other service animals and they don’t require any special training. The one and only requirement for such animals is they must be manageable in public.


Normally emotional service cat tends to be with patient wherever they go. Once you get a proper document stating the emotional disability you can opt for such animals.

How to qualify for this treatment?

If you are depressed and suffering from chronic stress or anxiety then you can eligible. You must declared as emotionally disability person from a licensed therapist. For safer side you must carry a letter issued by consulting physician. This letter must contain some basic information as mentioned below:

  • You are currently under physician treatment.
  • Physician has recommended you for an emotional support animal
  • This disability has major effect in your regular life.

Even you are offered high levels of laws and responsibility in order to support your emotional stability. So no more worries if you are under such treatment. Get a letter from your physician and lead a happy life.

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