Different Types of Buddha Jewelry

Different Types of Buddha Jewelry

Buddha Jewelry is based on the divine Tibetan culture. These are some special kinds of jewelry for the Buddhist people. These types of jewelry are based on some auspicious symbols. This particular Buddha jewelry has continued its culture from the time of Gautam Buddha. Every jewelry item of Buddha culture has proved it’s significant by an image of Lord Buddha and also an auspicious ‘Om’.  ‘Om’ image is very much valuable for Buddhist and Hindu as well. This auspicious mark has implied the start to end goodness of the planet. These kinds of jewelry have come with some meaningful symbols like:

  • The lotus
  • Two golden fishes
  • A wheel
  • A Conch shell
  • Treasure vase
  • An Endless knot image
  • A banner of proclaiming victory
  • A parasol etc.

There are many types of jewelry are available in the market, which has some Buddha significant.


Pendant of Buddhist Culture

These types of pendants are coming with a very much stylish look and with a divine value. These are made with many types of metals the production of earthenware. It has a very significant value. It is specially used to provide you a good health and confidence to your heart and also your body.

In these types of the pendant, you will find the ‘Om’ image and also many significant images inspired by the Buddha culture. Every image has a celestial meaning and also a divine value.


These types of neck pieces are specially made to give you a wearer assurance. In Buddha culture, it is believed that these kinds of necklaces have highly divine value to give you sound health and can save you from every type of difficulties. Buddhist necklaces are made by numerous types of metals. You can find these in precious jewelry and also in costume jewelry too. Every pendant has come with different types of the picture of Buddha culture. You can also get an image of Buddha himself there.


This is special kind of arm jewelry with a divine value. These are specially made by silver and also by some valuable metals. People wear this on their arm or on their wrist. Their belief these types of bands are very much helpful to provide a focus and confident mind, good health and also very much helpful to control your anger and to give you a calm and serene mind. These are some special kind of wrist band to provide you a complete connotation of Buddhism.

Buddha Earrings

These are some religious stud, especially used by the Hindu and Buddhist people. It is high-quality studs to give you a stylish outlook too. It is actually used for a religious purpose.

Buddha Jewelry is very special in Buddhist culture because it has brought the traditional religious value with a stylish look.

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