Jamon iberico- A superiority of other ham varieties

Jamon iberico- A superiority of other ham varieties

The Jamon iberico is one of the top most hams against the other ham varieties. The Jamon iberico is one of the most delicious hams in the world, which gives flavourful taste to the eaters. This kind of ham is highly recommended and loves to eat by people in Spanish.

This finest ham can be prepared with essential ingredients by using the traditional methods. To achieve the greatness of this item, you need to have more skill, patience and also adherence until you complete the cooking process. Basically, the Jamon iberico meat can be preserved with salt and keep it in a normal room temperature for maximum two years.

Normally, the shape of a Jamon iberico is pear-shaped and appears flat on the bottom. It also come up with family sizes and also packaged in larger cans for the institutional purposes. The producer of this Spanish ham is Jamon iberico, so it is called as Jamon iberico ham.


This kind of ham is usually made from the pigs since ancient times that you can mostly found this type of pig on the Iberian Peninsula. These types of pigs are called as pata negra, which is very special for people because their body contains more fat than regular variety of white pigs. However, this enables the meat to be cured for a longer time and results in a delicious ham item.

Effective curing process of Jamon Iberico

The curing process of Jamon iberico is quite similar to the traditional methods, which can be slaughtered and preserved the meat with salt for a whole year. During the last century, this meat can be cured in larger quantities by the factories using normal methods. When curing this ham, they can cut the flesh and set aside for eating. They also separate the fatty legs to be packed and preserved in sea salt. Usually, these meats are drying in the cool air and continue the process for a long time. Because of adding salt, the bacteria cannot affect the meat and also it becomes dryer for a long time.

Secrets of superior Spanish Jamon Iberico ham

The Spanish Jamon iberico is a boneless ham and it becomes quite costly product. It is the best variety of meat in Spain that contains a large of number of nutrient properties. You can widely found this variety of meat in the Spanish bars and restaurants, which have to be taken by people in between the main meals.

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