4 explanations to have an online booking system

4 explanations to have an online booking system

The internet is here to stay, and many organizations have made their first leap to the Online with a website, and many are now moving ahead using the Internet, not only as a marketing and promotion program, but as an active company program. The beauty of the internet is that it can be used as the excellent equalizer for little and mid-sized companies.


Here are four reasons why you should choose ticketshala:

  1. Start 24/7 to get reservations

Many clients browse the internet outside of company time and they are more likely for making bookings on the spot that trying to make sure to call back the next day.

Statistics show that more and more bookings nowadays are made during the evening at your house online. The reasons for this are in two parts. First of all, many companies now observe and control online connection on the job, and secondly, nearly every house nowadays has an online connection and a PC or laptop.

Ticketshala allows you to get reservation 24 hours a day; therefore, your booking serviceis always open.

  1. Free Commission

Whether you are spending money on direct advertising, or spending a commission for bookings through reservation sites, in either case, you are spending a portion of your income to these sources. If you have an online reservation program on your own website, you have then cut out the intermediary. Another important point when using requested sites is that your company is advertising them as much as they are advertising you, and with the ticketshala you might as well just focus on advertising your own company.

  1. Its simply excellent client service

When we talk about online ticket bookings here, we are not talking about a service page. A get in touch with page does not provide your clients with a clear view of your accessibility. A get in touch with page does not allow your people to book directly and pay and get verified instantly.

A proper online reservation program must, at the least be able to perform these two projects as they are core to providing excellent client support.

  1. Reduce your workload

If you are not using an online reservation program nowadays, then you may still be handling all your bookings personally. An excellent online reservation program will manage all the aspects of the reservation. Ticketshala, at a minimum, does the following:

– Instantly ensure that ticket bookings can only be received when you have availability

– Get ALL the details required during the reservation process so you do not have to spend your time asking for more information

– Send out a computerized e-mail to the reservation party as a verification of the booking

– Automatically upgrade your accessibility when the reservation has been processed

An excellent reservation program will do all this.

Also be sure that your reservation program doesn’t just manage the online bookings, but manages e-mail, phone and walk-in bookings as well.

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