A guide to the estrogen suppressors for men

A guide to the estrogen suppressors for men

Being a female sex hormone, estrogen also is an important part of the male hormone system which is necessary for the protein metabolism in the body. The role of this hormone becomes really important in the body of the males but when it goes in excess then many ailments can come up.

There are many estrogen blockers available in the market and we bring to you the top 10 best estrogen blockers for men in 2016 which comes out to be really fruitful for controlling the hormone in your body:

  1. Anablox xtreme, a product of Reborn Labs, which contributes in boosting your libido and improves the functioning of metabolism
  2. Estrovoid, a product by VH Nutrition which effectively helps your body to recover from the strenuous exercise that you undergo on a regular basis
  3. DIM by Olympian Labs has been a major growth booster for those who have been trying hard to cut down the levels of estrogen
  4. Axis Labs has come with the Myodex which is very useful in cutting down the production of DHT in the body
  5. Nolvadren by Man Sports which remains an ultimate solution for increasing the levels of testosterone
  6. Pescience’s Erase Pro + optimizes the levels of cortisol in the body
  7. Pride Nutrition has come up with the E-Block which helps a lot in regulating the hormones in the body
  8. Magnum Nutraceuticals has come with the E-brake helps you in shedding down the extra weight and makes you healthier
  9. Jacked factory’s Androsurge which makes you stronger and healthier
  10. Conquest 250 by S.A.N which makes the muscles flexible to get repaired swiftly

Controlling the estrogen in men – how to do it?

The health tips for the same have been given as per the usage and applicability of the diet and other such lifestyle factors which have been very crucial in controlling the production of estrogen in the body of the male.

Check out as to how you can control the production of the hormone in the body:

  • Diet matters a lot and you should take a diet that is rich in essential nutrients and the associated minerals that are necessary for the upkeep of the hormone in a balanced way
  • You have to take care about your body weight which needs to be in line with the age that you have as any kind of disturbance in that may lead to troubled effects of the hormone on your body
  • Soy-based foods are also seen to be the causation of the physiological effects on the body of the males because of the components that they have, this eventually has to be stopped to ensure that nothing really comes out to be a problem for you
  • Regular working out matters a lot and you have to focus especially on the resistance training so that the effects on estrogen is minimized on you


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