The Churches- the God’s place to spread the peace everywhere

The Churches- the God’s place to spread the peace everywhere

Christianity is one of the oldest religions, which is followed in almost all parts of the world. The religion is based on the teachings of the Jesus Christ who is the main focal point for the religion. This is the largest religion in the world with over billions of followers in the global population; the people who follow this religion are called the Christians who believe that Jesus is the Son of God as said in the Old Testament. They usually conduct prayers in the church where they worship their God, there are a lot of ancient churches that are constructed almost everywhere around the world. One among such famous churches that are present in the city of New York is 纽约教会 that actually means New York church.

Glorious gospel

The Glorious gospel is the information about the church program that tells people about the Jesus who is the Savior of the entire world. It further states that Jesus is the Son of the living God, Jesus died in the Calvary for the people in the world to fulfill the “salvation”, now He has become the light of the Holy Spirit to save us from the sin which we have done in the old own.

Glory of the Gospel

    The Glory of the Gospel means that the people believe in the God, Christians is living with the faith of the Gospel as confirmed by Paul’s gospel, he has further preached that gospel of Christ is called the glory. When this glory has come to the earth, this leads to the glory of the church that happened when the Jesus Christ come down to the world.

The Importance of the churches:

Churches play an important role in the places of worship, but in addition to that, they also serve as the important landmarks in the case of the important historical events. The churches like 纽约教会 are the reflection of their customs and their traditions which are there for about several centuries, they exist as a place for gathering as well as a place that senses the unity among the people. These kinds of prayers and devotions as well as the unity help in maintaining a peaceful environment in the society and also in the case of personal life. The architecture of the churches are also very amazing that some churches are constructed in the shape of a cross where the interior designing are given a special attention, it has a large rectangle room that has two sides. They also have a tower that is present on the west whereas the roof is commonly designed in the dome shape, which further helps in increasing the peace all around the world.


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